Interview with Jeanne

Oil on Canvas

Joelle: Where do you live and what do you do for fun/work/learning?

Jeanne: I live in Los Angeles and I work in film. I am a director but I also write, produce, and occasionally perform. I like to travel and read and since I live in California, I get in a decent amount of physical activity. I enjoy hiking, swimming, yoga, etc.

Joelle: Have you connected, and established relationships, with people you’ve met on social media (not via dating sites) you wouldn’t have otherwise? How has that impacted your life – good or ill?

Jeanne: Indeed, I have, and I think the best part of social media is its ability to connect people. I like to follow other filmmakers that I admire – directors and cinematographers and such – and occasionally this has led to conversations or friendships in real life.

But on the other hand, the ability to connect people is also the worst part of social media. I’m boring as hell but I have a surprising number of Instagram stalkers. I tried to purge them by going on a blocking spree and new ones showed up in triplicate. But hey, if my stalkers really enjoy pictures of my friends and my ice creams and the cool dogs I meet, there’s not much I can do – so I decided to just let it be.”

Joelle: If you could change anything about social media, what would it be?

I would ban Trump from Twitter.

Joelle: Music, book or movie. Pick one and list your favorite.

Jeanne: My favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music. I watched the behind-the-scenes bonus DVD when I was young and it made me want to make films. Everything is so expertly crafted and Julie Andrews is a queen.