Artist Statement for Der Bauch des Wals

Der Bauch des Wals
Der Bauch des Wals (eng. The Belly of the Whale) in mythopoeia is the representation of a magical threshold in which the hero is swallowed into the unknown; A place in which he or she voluntarily undergoes a form of self-annihilation in order to be reborn. It is a place of death and birth simultaneously. 
This series explores my own metaphorical whale, a place in which a narrative of emotion, conviction, imagination and intrinsic artistic struggle occurs. The characters and events born out of art and artists I’ve been greatly influenced by and experiences with artistic success and failure.
Threshold guardians, mentors and shadows, heralds and tricksters, each character hold esoteric meaning. Whether it is the Conical, the medical patients with their faces wrapped in a soft, opaque plexi-glass like material, the Muses, women without visible facial features, or the Ornos, men with beaked and bird-like faces, Der Bauch des Wals is an allegory for the art of artistic struggle.